Thursday, July 1, 2010

IMATS 2010, Pasadena, CA

June 26 & 27th
This was my first time attending a makeup artist trade show, and first I must say, "WOW!" I had so much fun that I don't even know where to begin. The IMATS is a dreamscape for all those who love beauty products, specifically makeup! Walking around the large  Pasadena Convention Center was like a veritable feast for the eyes. Around every booth corner were models being airbrushed and painted into living works of art. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so much creativity. 
While standing in line at the MAC booth (which, by the way, entailed my mom and I waiting for almost two hours), I watched an EI student transform a woman into a peacock. 
These were some of the entries for the student competition (below). The theme was Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to see the judging, but I went to a class about contouring instead; it was worth it because it was phenomenal! Donna Mee taught the class and I learned SO much about corrective makeup, contouring and highlighting in just one hour. I liked her class so much I'm thinking about attending her makeup school, Empire Academy in Los Angeles.
Aren't these ladies fun to look at; they're so bright and colorful. I just had to get a picture with them :) Amy Doan (pictured, right, and friends)
Make Up Forever was super packed (I'm talking about waiting up to three hours), so I didn't end up getting anything. I did look around, and I had to share these eyelashes with you! They are awesome!
I want them all!!!
Pashur The Body Painter was at the Kryolan booth, and I was in awe as I watched him paint this woman. He is extremely talented, yet so down-to-earth. 
There was a makeup museum set-up in the convention center, which was a lot smaller than I anticipated. The room was filled with movie pieces like the red and gold Iron Man suit and wax sculptures of characters like Jesse James. I'm standing in front of the makeup case, which was filled with old makeup trinkets and prints (below). 
These are just some of the people who were walking around the show...
These pictures show the progression of this woman's transformation. I took the first picture (above), then walked around for about an hour or two and when I came back the artist had added SO much more (below). I love the way the airbrushing looks in the model's hair. The different effects and textures you can achieve with airbrush are endless.
Haha... so random, but I ran into Real from VH1's Real Chance of Love. He said he was at the show promoting his new hair care line. 
... and while visiting the Urban Decay booth, I ran into the lovely Sippinonkrystyle! She's such a sweetheart...and we live in the same area :)
I went to a few classes while I was at the event. I went to a MAC class about red carpet makeup taught by Gregory Arlt, a body painting class taught by Anabel Vargas, and a Hi-Def makeup class taught by Emmy-Award winner Eve Pearl. The last class I caught was a lecture on airbrushing techniques by Anthony Merante. I had never seen bridal makeup or editorial makeup done with airbrushing, so I was fascinated with what Merante was able to do. 
Before I went to Merante's class, I decided to try out the airbrush machine, as I've never used one before. I definitely want to take an airbrush class now that I've seen what you can do with one; the look it creates is so flawless!
I had to get a "red carpet" picture...

I'm sure many of you want to see my haul, but I'm going to post it separately. I felt like this post already had a lot of pictures. Plus, I want to create some looks with the stuff I got and share them with you all. I am officially done with my media law summer school class (Yay!), so now I can go back to posting regularly. Stay tuned for my next post where I will share all the goodies I got!


Stay beautiful junkies!!! :)


  1. Awesome pic's, the 9th pic with the 3 girls, the one on the far right is Shrinkle and her best friends =).

  2. @Redz2486 Sweet, I thought someone might know them :) Thanks for cluing me in.

  3. If I was there, I would have died and went to cosmetics heaven. *Jealous* lol.

    I'm loving the lipstick. ;) I hope you don't mind me asking what brand and shade it is.

  4. @Mara Oh, I don't mind at all :) I'm not sure which one you're referring to so I'll tell you both...I'm wearing Kat Von D lipstick (Backstage Bambi), Lime Crime lipstick (Countessa Fluorescent), and MAC lipliner (Pink Treat) when I was wearing the pink tank top. Then I wore MAC lipstick (Show Orchid) and MAC lip pencil (Beet) when I was wearing the black dress tunic/dress.

  5. wow they looks great wonderful art looks really nice

  6. oooooh i'm so happy for you! definitely looks like you had a blast. i hope to get there one day :)

  7. looks like good times for sure!

  8. looks like you had an amazing time!

  9. It looks like it was so fun! Ps, there is a tag for you on my blog! <3

  10. OMG that look AMAZING ! I wish I could have went.
    I Love the second picture of you you look so BLOND that's HOT =)
    Ps: I am in the Bay until September =) we have to hang out together Beautiful !

  11. Great post darling!! I wish I saw you while I was there!


  12. i enjoyed this post! so sad i didnt get to go to the imats!

  13. Looks like you had soooo much fun! I definitely want to go next time around!

  14. yay!!! I was so excited to see your post, looks like you had so much fun. Luv the pics and cool you got to see Amy, I just got some items from her sugarpill line. thnx for sharing

  15. wow hun..Looks like you having so much fun..Love all the picture that you've taken..

  16. Wow, jealous. I want to be there! Can't wait to see your haul! :)

  17. Sooooo jealous of you right now!
    Thumbs down for living in England =|!!

    Love J.

  18. everyone's been talking about the imats. i wish i had something like that where i live. the photos make it look like so much fun!

    hope you're having fun trying out modeling poses! :)

  19. WOW! That looks like a blast!! You look great! :) I tagged you on my blog for q&a!

  20. that must be heaven out there for you

  21. I wish i could go to this it looks so much fun but i live all the way in the england lol.
    i followed you.Please check me out and follow my beauty blog :D

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  23. Gosh! You really had fun there! =) I wish we have that kind of event here in PHL! Cant wait to see ur haul.. =)

    Btw sis, I've been having troubles w/ my blog feed lately, and its now fixed.
    If u have some time, Please UNfollow me then FOLLOW me again so that my posts will now be visible in ur dashboard.
    Also, If I'm in ur BlogRoll, kindly do the same.. Tnx alot! =)

  24. Wow!! Love your photos! I wish there was an IMATS here in the UK as i'd love to go xxx

  25. OMG im sooo jealous i wish i could've gone to IMATS! love your blog!
    new follower :)
    follow my blog?

  26. Hello Michelle,
    I got a Google Alert that you mentioned me. I am so glad that you enjoyed my seminar on Mastering Contours & Highlights for Beauty/Print work. Michelle, that pic of you in the makeup museum... You are actually standing in front of the cases of the hundreds of vintage makeup items I donated for the show.

    Here is a video link to my students 1st photo shoot and stills of their 1st portfolio images. I thought you'd enjoy seeing it since you are considering going to my Academy. By the way, I have a 2 day airbrush workshop. After that, you could airbrush throughout all your main courses.

    And for the people commenting from the UK.. Guess what?! IMATS London is in January 29&30 2011. I spoke at that show last January. So put it on your calendars for next year!

    Facebook me if you want to stay in touch.
    Donna Mee!/profile.php?id=1081211174!/pages/Donna-Mee-Beauty-Expert-and-Educator/272292293522

  27. you look great! love the make-up and outfit.

  28. Wow! So much creativity! I would have loved to have been there.


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